Here are some interesting things I want to share: download my favorite desktop wallpapers and movie screenplays from my collection. Here are also links to other pages I made.


Fractal Gallery


The X-files Fight The Future poster wallpaper

64.4 kb 800x600

Flying Rhino Records logo wallpaper

77.1 kb 800x600

Matrix has you wallpaper

108 kb 800x600

Say Hello to iMac wallpaper

147 kb 800x600

Organic wallpaper

118 kb 1024x768

My works

Walkthough for MTV's Beavis and Butt-head Do U. (in English and in Russian)

My graduation project on Lexical Transformations

A site dedicated to Spartak Moscow FC, made design for the two fans hosting the site.



Movie Scripts:

All the texts are compressed RTF files. Extract them with WinZip, PKZip or other unzipping utility.